MessDeck (Tidligere FeedMe)


This meal and shopping planner is based on an old idea. Actually it was my contribution to an application idea competition in connection with Open Nokia 2011 PA ITU i København. An attempt to promote the Maemo and upcoming MeeGo Harmatten mobile operating system, at which later was Elopcalized and most of the MeeGo engineers was fired. Some forty of these formed their own company called Jolla and am in the midst of making a new mobile operating system called SailfishOS, come alive. SailfishOS is based on the Mer Project, which is a fork of the somewhat discontimued MeeGo 1.2+ operating system.

The very short-short version : The idea is to base your weekly shopping plan on a recipe database. You pick out the recipe you want, and the number of dinner guests and FM generates the shopping list.

Well, since there is no hardware available, outside the house of Jolla, and I do currently hold a SailfishOS compatible handset (For instance a N9 or N950), all is running inside the emulator, that comes with the SailfishOS SDK.

For pure show-and-tell – a proof of concept, and own amusement – I have put a few screenshots below.

At first the application was called FoodPlanner. Because I was too damn slow, the name in the meantime was taken and I had to rename it to FeedMe. Once again I had to rename it and chose MessDeck.



This one is the main page, which needs a bit of polishing :

FeedMe - Main Page

FeedMe – Main Page


FM main page with visible Pull Down Menu

FM main page with visible Pull Down Menu

This one is the main page, showing the Pull down menu. Sailfish having this instead of buttons, makes it very easy to operate the handset with only one hand.


This one is the settings page, avalable through the pull down menu from the main page. Nothing much to see here yet.


FM settings page

FM settings page


This one is the About page, also available through the pull down menu of the main page – actually quite uninteresting, but I like have the picture :


FM About Page

FM About Page


I am a bit pressed for time, which results in a slow developing pace – which I have to pick up, very soon, since the first handset will be announced in May – and most likely put out for sale in August/September/October.



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